The Females in Tech Show with Tamara Johanna

Working Mothers with Diana Tucker - 033

October 19, 2020 Tamara Johanna Season 1 Episode 33
The Females in Tech Show with Tamara Johanna
Working Mothers with Diana Tucker - 033
Show Notes

Diana Tucker is the pinnacle of what working mothers can achieve. She’s the MuleSoft Channels and Alliances Director for ANZ and JPAC. This would be a highly challenging role on its own, yet, somehow, she manages to do it while raising 4 children.

In this episode we cover:

  • Diana’s career journey from Project Manager, to Director of Channels and Alliances, Australia and New Zealand at Mulesoft – including how she accelerated her career after having kids
  • How saying yes to opportunities that scared her resulted in career success
  • We discuss how some of her male mentors helped accelerate her career, and the most important characteristic a male ally can learn to support women in the workplace
  • Diana shares her experience in attempting to stop work multiple times to be a full time Mum, and why she ended up returning back to work
  • Diana provides some great practices she uses to manage her career in tech, with her duties as a Mum
  • She shares her advice for women who experience guilt after returning from maternity leave, leaving their child at daycare, leaving work early, or missing their child when they’re sick
  • How Mulesoft helped expectant mothers and parents
  • The benefits working mothers provide an organisation

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