The Females in Tech Show with Tamara Johanna

Slowing Down in Quarantine - 021

May 04, 2020 Tamara Johanna Season 1 Episode 21
The Females in Tech Show with Tamara Johanna
Slowing Down in Quarantine - 021
Show Notes

The universe is always guiding you. This week it taught me a valuable lesson about slowing down in quarantine.

Ironically my meditation coach Tom Cronin told me a few weeks ago that COVID-19 was the universe telling us to slow down and focus on the important things in life. I thought that I was but turns out that I wasn’t.

I thought I was being smart, and getting ahead of the curve during isolation whilst most people were kicking back and watching Netflix. What I completely disregarded was the effect isolation would have on my mind, body and soul.

It is mentally and physically draining being locked in your apartment 24/7 with minimal opportunity to get outside. My home used to be a place that inspired me, but now all I see is work in every room, and have been guilty of starting work earlier, and finishing later.

Working in Quarantine

 Add to that all of the 5 minute catch-ups you used to have at work, in the kitchen or at your desk, have now become 1 hour meetings, leaving very little time to action your to-do list. That resulted in me working longer hours, and getting stressed out because that’s impacted my ability to work on my goals.

Safe to say I am exhausted.

So instead of publishing a normal podcast episode this week, where I sound flat and tired, I thought I would step out of my comfort zone, and record a solo episode on slowing down in quarantine.

I hope you love this mini episode, and it inspires you to do more with less! 


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